inconceivable feats and incredible goals

Yoga is amazing.

Example #638,523?

This past Thursday I got to join in and witness the tail end of an amazing feat accomplished in the name of yoga.

Three yogis practiced five classes in one day. That’s right. Five classes in one day. Every single class offered, they were there–6 AM, 12 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 8:15 PM.

Chris (an inspiration all on his own account), Priscila, Mary (our 8:15 PM teacher), Huong, myself, and Mirna after completing the final class of the day

By now, you’re probably asking why.

Huong & Priscila are fundraising for teacher training (Mirna joined to support them). If I haven’t mentioned it yet, teacher training is ridonkulously expensive. As in, just under $11 grand–and that’s before the cost of food, regular unavoidable bills, not working for two months, oh-so-necessary massages, et cetera. Many of us who go to teacher training have gone to incredible lengths to find the money. Or, in some cases (like mine!) we sell our souls.

Just kidding….. sort of.

Still, it is absolutely 100% worth it. It’s indescribable, but also immeasurably valuable.

If you could, please think about donating to their teacher training. Even if all you can donate is $5, hey, that’s one coconut water or kombucha that may save their sanity in that killer 130 minute, 122 degree class in week 5 day 4 of training…. you never know.

Donations can be made online to Huong here, while Priscila’s donations go here (UPDATED: Added link).

It never ceases to amaze me how limitless we become with the help of yoga. The unachievable and impossible eventually (in the future) becomes inevitable, and I feel blessed to have had these three remind me of that once again.