I teach Bikram yoga. For realz.

Celebrating after my first class, ever! First class with the unsuspecting public followed later in the evening. Suckers!

I did it! I was terrified, but I did it! All things considered, it went well. I taught a “mock” class this morning at one studio–so-called because it’s open for teachers and experienced students as a trial run for newbie teachers before jumping into the fire (although it certainly feels real in all salient aspects, namely the nervousness)–with 4 teachers and 1 NEW student.

Then this evening, I taught at my sponsoring home studio. I had 21 students, including our studio manager. All in all, it feels great. It is incredible to stand up there, order people around, and see them actually do it! This class actually didn’t go quite as well for me, as my mild dyslexia got to me and I was mixing up some rights and lefts, but nothing too major.

Overwhelmingly, I feel a sense of relief! The proverbial band-aid has been ripped off. It’s onwards and upwards from here, “like a 747 taking off”!

Special note to those interested in taking my class (you know who you are!): Feel free to wait–it’s only going to get better if you do! If I can’t dissuade you, though, send me a message via Facebook and I’ll let you know what the days to come look like.