giving thanks

I love the spirit behind Thanksgiving: practicing gratitude and appreciation for all the many little (and big) ways we are lucky in our lives. It’s important, not only from an ethical standpoint but because psychological research also tells us that this focus literally wires our brains to be happier. How’s that for positive reinforcement?!

To that end…..

10 reasons I am so grateful for Bikram Yoga

1. All the many, many ways it’s improved my body–my flexibility, my weight, my balance, my muscles I previously never knew existed.
2. It helps me let go of the impossible search for perfection.
3. I’ve learned how to recognize stress in my mind and body, and how to release it through conscious breathing.
4. I finally truly appreciate the value of water. Holla at my yogis who I KNOW hear me on this one–in our very lucky, privileged lives we take water for granted. Bikram yoga changes all that. H20—that sh*t’s AMAZING!
5. I know how to help my body heal from physical injuries.
6. To yoga, for being the only thing keeping me from completely losing my sh*t when times get tough. Over and over and over again.
7. I learned how to finally feel at home in my body, instead of disconnected and awkward.
8. Thanks to yoga, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful, supportive, loving people and to have become a part of a global community.
9. I have become more forgiving of myself, my body, and others. As a result, I am a better human being.
10. For helping me completely re-imagine the limits of possibility. Never ever would I have believed I could or would be doing what I do now, nor how much I love it. I would have thought it all completely bonkers. And I would have been utterly, tragically wrong.

Why are YOU grateful for Bikram yoga? Or, if you’re not a practitioner, what are you grateful for? Share in comments, or just take a moment and think about it. I promise you’ll feel better for it.