At some point, someone somewhere has told you to “live in the now.” Appreciate the moment, don’t think about the past and don’t stress about the future, et cetera, et cetera.

Well, I suck at that. It’s a great philosophy, probably the best, but I’m just not that evolved yet. It’s a mindset I’m working on cultivating, both through my yoga practice and more generally.

In the meantime….. I thrive on plans. I need to have something to devote myself to, to fling myself into, or I just feel smaller and empty.

If you’re like me, you know how when you’re off on a long-planned and highly anticipated adventure, life is so sharply in focus and your path and purpose is clear, the road in front of you is all iridescent and shiny. Your heart sighs and thinks, “Finally. YES!” One of the elusive ‘life-highs.’ Then it ends—inevitably, it always ends—and the afterglow fades and life feels duller, and fuzzier, and less satisfying. You waver, a little lost and a little sad.

You need a sharp rap on the head, to shift your perspective. Sometimes life provides these reminders on their own. Other times, you have to take the initiative. Reflect, refocus and plan.

That’s how I feel about today. Today is a thinking day, a feeling day.

Stay tuned– results to follow.