getting lucky

As my departure draws nearer, I feel overwhelmed both with nervousness (back pain that is cramping my yoga practice, literally and figuratively…..more on that later) and gratitude.

I am so, so grateful to have this yoga practice.

With yoga, I’ve learned how to handle stress. How to start to love my body. How to stretch in ways I never imagined were possible for anyone, much less me. How to handle sleep deprivation, injury, and grief.

But the best part?

The people I’ve gotten to meet.

All of the students I’ve practiced with over the years, and particularly gotten to watch as I’ve worked at my studio since last July. Watching new students develop, really take in this practice and dedicate themselves to it. It’s so cool, in a way I will never be able to fully describe. It makes me really proud to watch other students achieve their goals–regardless that I had little to nothing to do with what they’ve accomplished. But I’ve gotten to hear their stories, and I’ve gotten to watch them and talk with them. And just by coming to class day after day, just by stepping into Bikram‘s torture chamber and facing their edge once again, they are incredible. I can’t wait to be a part of helping that happen!

So many of our studio regulars have come up to talk to me about teacher training and wish me luck. Many of them have said they can’t wait to be in my first class (which makes my inner perfectionist scream NOT READY FOR THAT YET!).

And oh, the teachers.

All of the teachers who have helped me in my practice and now are cheering my goal of becoming a teacher. They are so incredibly wonderful, supportive, and amazing.

Their eyes light up when they hear I’m going to teacher training. I can see and feel their excitement for me emanating off of their bodies.

They believe in me. And that means the world to me.

All of these people, all of my dear, dear yogis, are standing behind me. I don’t know how I got so lucky.


Just a few of the yogis I adore, at a studio dinner in January.


On a sillier but still feel-good note, read this to really put a smile on your face.