Bikram Yoga Focus: I need your help!

Most of you probably don’t know this, but for fun I’ve been taking a class on Sport Psychology. For this class, I have to complete a project related to one of the topics we study (ugh, work!)–and I’ve decided I want to study the concept of focus as it relates to our wonderful 26&2. So I am reaching out to you, my fellow yogis reading this, to help me!

If you can, please take a class and fill out the two surveys below sometime by the end of Tuesday, May 28th (that’s five days’ worth of possibilities). Feel free to read the questions before class if it will help you answer afterwards, or not. I would really, really appreciate your participation. And do pass this along to anyone you think would be appropriate–the more, the merrier!

As you fill the surveys out, feel free to consider different aspects of class, e.g. heat, number and type of people (i.e. small/big class, friends or didn’t know anyone, people with lots of extra movements, et cetera), where you were in the room, what time of day, your outside stress levels, what you were thinking about, mental imagery, dialogue, who was teaching, and so forth.

Here are the links to the two surveys:
Focusing in Bikram Yoga (Based on Single Class):

Focusing in Bikram Yoga (Based on General Practice):

I promise to share what I find afterwards. Sincerely, thank you!

Embodying True Focus, my friend D. taking Rajashree's outdoor class in NYC last summer

Embodying true focus (and beauty and awesomeness!), my friend D. taking Rajashree’s outdoor class in NYC last summer