PSA: I’m going to be a yoga teacher, watch out.

My internal dialogue in response to the idea of teaching my first class.

[This is your friendly Monday afternoon public service announcement] OMG, I am actually going to teach Bikram yoga! I am terrified (the excitement will come when I feel better prepared)–not at the idea of being a yoga teacher–but at the concrete, unavoidable fact that in less two weeks I will have to:

1. Stand up.
2. Remember the dialogue for each and every posture.
3. Remember them all together.
4. And teach the left side.
5. Do all of the above in front of other people who are depending on me and have faith in me.

Double-edged sword, this. And yeah, I know I’m only scared because I care a lot. I know the anxiety will motivate me. I know it’s “only yoga.” I know it’ll be okay, one way or another. Yadda yadda yadda.

[Now back to studying like a hedgehog on crack.]