Introducing Inspiration: Christina!

My friend Christina has been practicing now for 30 days in a row–basically how long the only studio in her state (Indiana) has been open. She is such an inspiration, not only for the beauty of her backward bends (she was always more flexible than me), but for her determination. She is the most stubborn, driven person I know, so naturally I should have known that Bikram yoga would be perfect for her.

I could say a lot about her and what it means for me to have her practice, but I think it means more coming from her, so enjoy this little interview. You can see a video interview with her here. AND she’s ALSO been chosen as the Student of the Month at her studio. Girl is ON FIRE…. almost literally…..

Christina in Half Moon backbend

Christina in Half Moon backbend

1. Describe your first Bikram yoga class.
I can’t really remember my first Bikram class, although I do remember laying on my mat glaring at my friend who brought me mouthing to her “never again.” I didn’t lay in savasana for a second longer than I had to. I just ran out of the room and went into the shower to immediately cool down.

2. What made you come back again?
About 15 minutes after I got out of the shower after my first class I already felt the effects. I had more energy and my body felt amazing! I didn’t understand because just a few minutes before I was fairly certain I was going to die of heat stroke. Once that amazing feeling came over me I knew I had to give it a shot the next day. And I did, and then I was hooked.

3. What benefits have you experienced so far?
I am doing better in class and getting into postures I couldn’t do before. My energy levels are up and I’m sleeping better. I used to take Benadryl at night for allergies and I no longer have to do that. I haven’t noticed a difference in the way my work clothes fit yet, but the other day in class I saw that my yoga pants were loser, so I’m sure the other clothes will be loose soon enough.

4. Any advice for new students?
Hydrate! My first couple classes I had raging headaches afterwards and it was because I was dehydrated. The hydration tablets and powders are great and so is coconut water. Coconut water is a great way to treat yourself after a hard, yet successful class. My final piece of advice: keep coming. It really is worth it, even though you may not believe that while it’s happening.

5. What’s your favorite posture and why?
I really like bow and camel. I like bow because I wasn’t always able to do it so now when I finish bow it’s even more rewarding. I love camel but it’s really hard to describe why. Like bow, I wasn’t always able to do camel, but when I come out of camel and into savasana my heart is racing and lying there I just feel so good—and camel is really fun to do! It’s cool to see everyone’s mats on the floor behind me, upside down.

Christina in her favorite posture: Camel Pose!

Christina in her favorite posture: Camel Pose!

Interview and images from The Hot Room Indianapolis. Check them out on Facebook— it’s a new studio, but clearly already creating a thriving community. So excited for this particular addition to our Bikram yoga worldwide family!