July: A Retrospective

Time flies when you’re doing yoga. Here are some highlights (visual and textual) from my last few weeks.

Learning & Growing
Craig Villani, with whom I did a teacher’s retreat last December back in California, came to visit Melbourne. I had the opportunity to take one public class with him at Bikram Yoga Fitzroy as well as a comprehensive class at my main studio in Werribee. It was great to take his class—his teaching personality differs from my own, so I enjoy picking up techniques on how to vary my own style. He devotes considerable effort to creating community, conversation, and continuing education within the Bikram yoga community, for which I am highly grateful. It’s a monumental, but also extremely necessary task.

In my downtime, I have been working on my art journalling– it’s my way of meditating while simultaneously helping me to incorporate new lessons into my teaching repertoire.

A little wisdom from Iyengar

A little wisdom from Iyengar in my teaching journal

New Faces & Places
In addition to getting to know and love my students at Werribee all the more, I also taught a few times out at Bikram Yoga Preston and twice at Bikram Yoga Fitzroy. The latter made me especially nervous (nervous is how I roll in new situations anyway ;)), since the studio is much larger—much like BYSJ—and my class was being recorded. It is the first time I have ever recorded my class, and I have since listened to the recording and am happy to acknowledge that I don’t ramble nearly as much as I feel like I do! Both of these opportunities also brought me really good feedback from the respective studio owners.


Lookin’ Good
I bought a new Onzie yoga top and some new Lalaland yoga shorts. Because yoga is better in a comfy, colorful new outfit, right?

My roomie Emily and me holding up what shortly became my new shorts

My roomie Emily and me holding up what shortly thereafter became my new shorts.

Defying Gravity
I also tried anti-gravity (/aerial) yoga for the first time, upon recommendation by Katie. As advertised, it feels like a deep tissue massage. But better! It took a few minutes to get the hang of the verbal cues (even with Bikram yoga, it took me a long time to learn my lefts and rights, so imagine adding the dimension of being upside down). Once I did, it felt amazing. I could feel my hips and shoulders—two points that currently limit what I’m capable of in terms of range of motion—release tension and open up. The feeling was unparalleled, and I know this is a practice I’ll be incorporating in to my future! So excited for this new exploration. Plus it’s just fun to hang upside down. Backbends are so much easier when you can be lazy!

And, as with all good yoga teachers, we enjoy eating just as much as (perhaps even more) we enjoy yoga-ing.

And, as with all good yoga teachers, we enjoy eating out after just as much as (perhaps even more) we enjoy yoga-ing.


One response to “July: A Retrospective

  1. I love reading and visualizing your time in AussieLand thus far. It looks like you are enjoying yourself and I couldn’t be happier to see it! I miss you!

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