Two years, and a snapshot

A few weeks in now, and I’m definitely settling in to both the studio and the city.

My days revolve around teaching, practicing, eating and adventuring– walks to local parks, or heading into Melbourne to explore different parts of the city. Although I’m out in quiet little Werribee,  a ways out from the city (45 minute train ride), Melbourne itself is wonderful. Easy public transportation, tons of cute little neighborhoods, overflowing with interesting architecture, public art, and cafes and amazing food of every time (particularly dessert). I can definitely understand why everyone falls in love with living here.

Standing Bow Pulling Pose in front of the War Memorial, overlooking the Central Business District

Standing Bow Pulling Pose in front of the War Memorial, overlooking the Central Business District


I don’t have easy internet access, so I’m using that to practice more and explore more. As a result, my posts here will be less frequent…. does that make them more valuable?

Also, this week marks my two-year anniversary for teaching. I can’t believe how the time has flown by! The last year especially, as I have been teaching full-time the whole time. To celebrate, a few of us from our teaching training who are in the area got together to have lunch. Always good to mark these sorts of occasions and remember how far we’ve come (in my case, capably as well as geographically!).


4 responses to “Two years, and a snapshot

  1. Nhumai Nguyen

    Hello my beautiful teacher, Jessica:

    Now I know that you are teaching in Australia.

    We miss your teaching here in Santa Clara.

    Have fun there.

  2. NBJ

    Hey you. I am so proud of you — two years of full-time teaching! And look at you, still galavanting around the globe. I read every post, even if I’m not responding via comments. Keep living your fabulous life. I can’t wait to read about your next adventure. Love you!

  3. Sandy

    Jessica, it sounds like you’re starting to really get the feel of the place! It sounds beautiful…what a great adventure you’re on. We miss you at BYSJ, but it’s great that you spread your wings and discovered a new world. Enjoy all of that great food!

  4. geraldine Magarelli

    Yeay! I found you and will surely be following your adventure. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!
    Though, we miss our Wednesday mornings with you at BYMV. Big hugs!

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