Melbourne: Week One

First week in Australia, broken down by numbers:

  • 8 classes taught at 2 studios (Werribee and Yarraville)
  • 6 classes taken at 2 studios (Werribee and Fitzroy)
  • 5 forms of transportation (feet, train, car, bus, tram)
  • 4 dinner outs (Asian fusion, Japanese, Korean, and Thai)

I now know that Australians do NOT like saying “Mama give me money!” Even when prompted multiple times, that particular joke is DOA. Ah, well! I am impressed with their strength coming out of third part of Awkward, however. They go slowly, it’s wonderful to watch.

I have only just started to explore Melbourne proper, but I’m looking forward to doing more. Yesterday I had the opportunity to lend a hand at the Mind Body Spirit festival on at the Melbourne Convention Center. The local studios had a stall, and my job was to demonstrate postures for a three hour shift. Although exhausting, it was a great way to meet a few of the other nearby studio owners and gave me an excuse to wander a bit.

Wandering about the Southbank with the Seafarer's Bridge behind me

Wandering about the Southbank with the Seafarer’s Bridge behind me

So far, I am enjoying myself, and looking forward to getting to know my students here as well as explore the area as much as possible!


One response to “Melbourne: Week One

  1. Julia

    Just dropping by to say “Hi”. We miss seeing you on Sundays at BYSC.

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