Kid’s Yoga: Australian Edition

I taught my first class here in Australia this afternoon.

As happenstance would have it, it was a kid’s class! I wasn’t expecting it, but the scheduled teacher wasn’t feeling well and knew that I had taught it before. I had over 20 kids (plus an accompanying adult) ranging from 3-11 years old, which made for a lot of fun energy. The kids were so cute.

My favorite moment: right before Half Tortoise, this barely three-year-old girl just wandered up to me from the back of the room, gave me a hug, and sat on my lap. I asked her if she could help me demonstrate, so I had her sit next to me on the podium and put her into Half Tortoise. After, I had everyone clap for her. Her big sister (also in the class) was so proud of her.

Teaching the kids is simultaneously exhausting and energizing.

And it looks like I’ll be leading it again! Hopefully by then I’ll at least know some of the parents.

Tomorrow’s the real go around for teaching. Still, so far, so good!

I don't have a picture from the kid's class, so here's a shot of me fresh of the airplane yesterday.

I don’t have a picture from the kid’s class, so here’s a shot of me fresh of the airplane yesterday.


2 responses to “Kid’s Yoga: Australian Edition

  1. Jackie Huynh

    Very cute, Jess. It’s great to hear from you and that you were having fun in Australia right you just got there. Sending you much love from SJ. ~ Jackie

  2. Laura & Bridget

    We miss you Jessica! Abhi just baked us 😉
    Have fun down under.
    L & B

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