The Countdown

"To A Great Aussie Adventure"

“To A Great Aussie Adventure”


This week marks my last week of teaching before I jet off (literally), and Sunday was the beginning of the end.

I’ve been teaching every Sunday at BYSC for the last two years–vacations excepted. I’ve been teaching the Sunday morning doubles for the last 15 months. I had to say a temporary farewell to all of my students, many of whom I’ve known for about five years now since that is also my sponsoring studio prior to teacher training. There were lots of hugs and lingering goodbyes. At least one is threatening to come visit, and I have my fingers crossed that she does!

Sunday afternoons I’ve taught 4:30 at BYSJ for the last five or so months. It’s a BIG class (we’ve regularly hit the 75 person limit, and I think the biggest I experienced was 86), so naturally it’s a totally different energy from my smaller, more intimate mornings. Nonetheless, I’ve definitely come to recognize and adore the regular crew: the ones who show up at the same time week after week, and I get to learn the shape of their lives and their practice.

The specialness of this class was compounded by it being both (1) Mother’s day and (2) (Surprise!) the birthday of one of my most avid students. Because it was Mother’s day, the class was smaller than usual (47 people), but everyone there had a good attitude. Towards the end, I shared my story of my mom’s (lack of) health, and thanked everyone for coming to take care of themselves. After, the one new student came up to me, crying, and he told me how much that had touched him.

Despite it being HIS birthday, D brought ME a lovely AND delicious cake. Starting in January, D has done a 4:30/6:30 double every Sunday. Inspired by his ability to do the back-to-back undermined my occasional excuses about being too tired to practice at 6:30, and so I have been teaching and then practicing with him for the past few months. Having to be accountable to him if I feel like getting lazy has encouraged me to look forward to that end of the day unwinding, and it’s clear we’re both going to miss this tradition while I’m away.

For 6:30 PM, I got to take Teresa’s class, whom I adore. She is a newer teacher (less than six months), but she’s already shaping up to be amazing. Her mother AND her daughter were with us yesterday: perfect! So for a bonus, here’s an extra shot of the two of us goofing around after class:



2 responses to “The Countdown

  1. I’m so excited for you!  And I can’t wait to read about your Aussie adventure.


      ____________________________ Lorri Lee Lown norcal sales rep, Pactimo founder + president, Velo Girls head coach + bike fit specialist, Savvy Bike

  2. So wished I could have been there Sunday for your farewell. I see my friend at the 4:30 class “D” was able to do what I would have done…..given you a be sweaty hug, LOL. Good luck on your journey and I’ll see you back at the 4:30 classes when you return.


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