impact and inspiration

The past month has found me stumbling and wavering–not as confident, not as enthusiastic, more fearful. It has not been particularly fun, and I have reminded myself (as well as having been reminded by one of my amazing studio owners) to be compassionate and patient with myself as I move forward. Clearly my teaching is evolving, but sometimes the process of transformation is awkward and clumsy, you know?

In any case, tonight was the first of the 60-Day Challenge parties I’ll be attending, and it was, as always, inspiring. Inspiring to hear from the students what their challenge meant to them. For some, it was health-related: astronomically lowering dangerously high cholesterol and triglyceride levels after years of ineffective medication, becoming free from chronic spinal pain, finally healing from decade-old trauma injuries. For others, it was personal: getting to bond with a son or daughter, dealing with being laid-off and figuring out the next stage of life (teacher training, as it turns out!), grieving for a recently passed away brother. Heavy stuff, really.

At the end of the night, as I went to congratulate the Challengers individually, one of my students told me exactly this:


Honestly, having him in my class every week was such a gift to ME. It made ME excited to teach, and comforted me when I was having difficulty feeling my connection to students during class. Another student (didn’t even recognize her, honestly!) told me that I was “inspiring” and that she had wanted to tell me.  I don’t share this to emphasize how great I am (goodness knows I’m an expert at not feeling that way). My point is rather that, by sharing these thoughts with me, my students reinforced how much I love my job and made every bit of my struggles worthwhile.

It seems we never realize the true impact our actions have–clearly, this goes both ways, so yet another reason to spread kindness as much as possible!


One response to “impact and inspiration

  1. Patricia Bellardo

    Love reading your posts Jessica. There is something about hearing that other people are struggling too that makes lightens the burden our own challenges. Thank you for your honesty and your willingness to say it like it is. Love ya, Patty

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