a self-care memorial

Seven years ago today, my mom died. So much of who I am and my life now has been shaped by her, both in living and in dying. Her love overwhelms me still.

This morning, at the end of teaching class #2, I mentioned what today meant for me and how it contributed to me becoming a teacher. What I said wasn’t thought out or particularly well articulated, but it was heartfelt. And in yet another demonstration that we never know how our words affects others, one of my students, Tracy, came to me afterwards and asked if she could share it on her own page. Here is what she said (I think she said it better than me):

Tracy and Me

Completely unexpected….this morning’s yoga practice lead by one of my favorite instructors, Jessica, ended with her sharing something very personal. Today was the 7th anniversary of her mother’s passing, and that event in Jessica’s life was a strong motivating factor to why she wanted to teach. Helping people become stronger, healthier, and stay that way is THE best way for all of us to take care of the people that we love. Always “doing” for others doesn’t mean neglecting ourselves….in fact it may be just the opposite.

Putting others first is not an excuse to neglect your own health and happiness….and it may be counter productive anyway.

You can check out Tracy’s incredible fitness story here. I am so, so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know my students.

Please, remember take care of your health and well-being. I believe that yoga (and particularly Bikram yoga) is a great way of doing that–but if I can’t convince you of that, than please, at least do something.


3 responses to “a self-care memorial

  1. Hi Jessica This was a moving post I am one of the students in the Santa Clara facility and have attended one of your classes – it was absolutely great I am currently in Mumbai since my mother just passed away (she had a road accident) and after fighting for more than a week in the ICU she passed away this 12th. I too made a resolution that I will practice Yoga more and one day become a teacher to teach others – she used to learn Yoga as well. Incidentally I see your post today – felt very connected Will be back to the Bay area next week and plan on resuming class soon – maybe you can mentor and guide me on how I can become better and one day help others to better themselves Regds and Namaste


  2. Patricia Bellardo

    I have many positive memories of the way Sandy could zero in on the truth of any situation. Not in judgement. But with insight. She *knew* deeply the people that she came in contact with.

    Have a blessed day Jessie, in her memory. With love, Patty

  3. You are so correct… we must keep ourselves healthy, and we are responsible for our own happiness and no one else’s. A beautiful post!

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