Branching out: my first demonstration

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a demonstration for the 11th anniversary of Bikram Yoga San Jose. Trees run deep in BYSJ’s visual ideology, and I like to think of this studio as the roots of the south bay yoga community–out of this studio have come three more studios. It’s an amazing place. In every detail you can feel the attention and love of the folks at the heart of this place– particularly Michele, the studio owner, and Chris, Michele’s studio co-pilot (not his official title, but certainly the most apt).

I started teaching here on January 1, 2013, and this budding relationship was one of the most rewarding parts of my entire year. So it meant a lot to me that Cynthia (who choreographed the routine) asked me to help out for the anniversary–a way of reciprocating the love.

We dedicated this demonstration to Chris, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August and has had a rough time of it but has also displayed a tremendous fighting spirit throughout. We were lucky enough to have him present during the demo.

Anyways, enjoy (especially me falling out of a few, ha!).

The participants (from left to right) were: me, Dawn (a fellow teacher), Cynthia (owner of Bikram Yoga Mountain View and 2007 International Yoga Asana Champion), Jason (fellow teacher and Invitee to the upcoming Nationals), Michele (our wonderful BYSJ leader), and Michelle (manager and student at BYSJ).


2 responses to “Branching out: my first demonstration

  1. Wonderful demonstration. As one who is resuming his practice after a two year layoff, I can only hope to be asked to do that one day. Beautiful stuff!

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