yoga and new directions

It’s been an exciting week for me, yoga-wise:

  • I taught for the first time at a studio in 16 months. The last time was my first week out of training. Both classes were really fun–the students were disciplined and focused, but also open to being persuaded to smile. My favorite!
  • I contemplated a change in direction, something breathtakingly exciting and new. It was one of those decisions that I felt so lucky to have the chance to make! There was no wrong answer, but I declined. My gut told me now was not yet the right time; still, I hope it signifies future good things. And for now, I’m appreciating my yoga community all the more. So many students I love, the other teachers, our studio owners, our studios–I’m staying grateful.
  • Speaking of being grateful, I had a good friend snap some yoga posture shots for me but it turned into so much more thanks to my little friend. He enthusiastically (albeit unexpectedly) joined in on the fun.



2 responses to “yoga and new directions

  1. Patricia Bellardo

    Where have you been teaching if not at a Studio????????????

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