Since I returned from Colorado, I’ve been immersed in daily teaching: I had a twelve-day consecutive stretch that included three triples, six doubles, and three blessedly single-class days. Then a two-day reprieve, almost like a weekend. Having a “weekend” is blissfully exciting!

(Even only having to take class is exciting! Teaching has definitely altered my outlook on how hard it is to get in the room once a day, but I always remember that it’s still proportionately hard for my students…. most of the time.)

Yesterday I jumped back in for a particularly long day in the yoga ‘verse: I taught two sets of back-to-back classes over a 12-hour period. For those counting, that’s 50/50 chance I was in the hot room! Energy-wise, I was exhausted in between and after, but fine during. But my poor voice was definitely giving out on me by the end, which meant I had to creatively keep the energy up with alternate vocal techniques–you can’t just get louder or go deeper/higher to really get everyone’s chest up chest up chest up in full locust. Still, thank goodness for speaker systems for the latter two classes! I imagine the warning label would look something like this:

Side Effects of Excessive Teaching may include:

  • The overwhelming need for naps
  • Vocal weakness reminiscent of a pubescent male
  • Powerful need to perform Fixed firm (tight ankles) and Rabbit (tight lower back), induced by standing mostly in one place
  • Desensitization to room temperature and sweat
  • Clenched hands from really wanting everyone to go higher/stretch more/pull harder/et cetera
  • Involuntary (and/or unconscious) recitation of dialogue

Honestly, the hardest part of a quadruple day is that it doesn’t allow me to practice. Teaching requires giving a lot of energy. To give energy, I have to have energy. To have energy, I have to practice. But voluntarily adding another 90 minutes to the uncompromisable 360 minutes…. well, I’m human (with human-level motivation and hydration requirements), so it’s not likely. Especially Sundays, where it’s not even possible–because there are no late evening classes, there is no class offered that I could get to in time to practice.

Really, I just try to do the best I can in that moment, and to let go of everything else (which is only fair, since that’s the same I ask of my students each and every class). And then I take class the next day to reverse all the effects.


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