for the very first time

Today was a very exciting day for me! After four and a half years, my partner finally came and did Bikram yoga. I extracted a promise from him when I graduated from teacher training, and today he finally fulfilled it.

I’m proud to say he did very well! In his own words, “it was hot.” And, in all fairness, it was–we had 50 people in the room so the humidity was definitely higher than normal. But he never even tried to leave, barely touched his water, took only a few breaks (during which he sat calmly), and did the best he could. It was all my yogi teacher heart could have asked for.

For a reward, we got donuts after. 🙂

A's post-class treat

a little post-class treat for a workout well done

Now here’s to seeing if I can convince him to come again with me tomorrow….


2 responses to “for the very first time

  1. Patricia Bellardo

    Way to go Arad!! 🙂

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