coming home

This week, I was lucky enough to make a last-minute trip down to Teacher Training, thanks to the indomitable persistence of one of my yogi friends and the incredible generosity of her father.

In our three-day escape, we took four classes. It felt amazing being back in the ballroom again, and this time on those back lines. I felt so strong in those classes, like teacher training and my experience teaching has given me this core discipline and determination in my practice. Even when I wavered in strength, there was no doubt in my mind that I had the ability to keep going. Always, I could see my own strength relative to those around me–visiting students and trainees alike.

Perspective is a beautiful thing: so much yoga, and no responsibilities in between! The TT is life is good!
….. Especially when you’re no longer a trainee and can bail out of evening lecture when BC decides to put on the Mahabharata at 1 AM.(“Only a half an hour, I promise!” Uh huh, suuuuure Boss.)

I got to see all four of my trainees-now-teachers, glowing, excited, sad and a little relieved at the approach of graduation. I also spent time with two of my closest friends from teacher training. Catching up with my friends meant so much to me–getting to hear how their lives have transformed since teacher training, as well as how their own teaching journeys are progressing.

Spring ’12 groupmates reunited and stronger than ever

Seeing them was like coming home again and coming alive. It struck me, that even if I never got to see them again (heavens forbid), I will always, always know and love my fellow trainees. Viscerally. Preciously. Permanently.

And perhaps that is what makes teacher training, in the words of one of my newly graduated gals, “the best experience of my life that I never want to do again.”


One response to “coming home

  1. Patricia Bellardo

    Jessica thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It is such a joy to follow. I still have that dress on my closet door – now that you back is back. 🙂 Lots of love, Mom B

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