triple digits

5 years of practicing
2 years of wishing & working towards teacher training
9 weeks of training,
Now, 4 months later, as of this morning at 8:30 AM,
I have taught 100 classes!

(And just about 12 hours later, I’m up to 102! It was an appropriately yoga-filled day–taught 7 AM, 12 PM, 4:30 PM and then took 6:30 PM practicing right next to one of my very favorite BYTT buddies. Yoga class is a gas station, baby!)


One response to “triple digits

  1. I am a little late here but congrats to you on your achievements! I do follow your blog but noticed in my settings I was never receiving the posts because it wasn’t set up to receive them “instantly”. It was set to “never.” That’s why i hadn’t been receiving a large number of notifications from other blogs too. *sigh* If you ever want to guest blog on my bikram blog, would love your insights. Let me know!

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