first is the breathing exercise

Taken this morning after teaching my 1st class at BYA, and my 6th class overall

I’m one week into being a teacher, and boy has it been an interesting week! Let’s recap for old time’s sake.

9 Days since graduation
7 Days since I taught my first class
7 Classes taught (1 “mock” class…. but trust me, it feels real!)
5 Classes taken (woefully little)
3 Different Studios
24 students in my largest class so far

Not too shabby, eh? There are the challenges, for instance:

  • It’s becoming clear how hard it is going to be to piece together a full schedule ’round these parts (I knew this theoretically, but theory has a comfortable mental distance that doesn’t exist in reality).
  • I became sick early last week and struggled to keep my voice going so that I could teach. Taught a few semi-hoarse, but struggled on and now I know what it’s like. It was going to happen at some point–eventually, in the future–so at least now I know the answer is chamomile tea with honey during class.
  • I’m starting to feel more comfortable on the podium, but although some dialogue bits are getting easier it’s frustrating how some parts will mysteriously slip out of my head! Thanks to training though, I’m much better about not letting this bother me–roll forward, keep going.

But it’s not all bad, there are totally perks to this life! Like getting to drink tea and eat lunch at the beach between teaching classes in the middle of a Monday afternoon. I could get used to this.

Tea, Beach, and Sunshine. Bliss.


2 responses to “first is the breathing exercise

  1. Patricia Bellardo

    Does this mean that Bikram Yoga instructor is now your full time job? And are you still in the LA area or are you back home now? Hugs, patty

  2. Patricia Bellardo

    The Aptos picture just loaded – you are at home!! commuting?

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