Stress is not an event, it’s a perception.

It was a long night last night, since Bikram lectured on why yoga is the only real exercise in the world. His reasoning, while entertaining, is sometimes faulty at best (i.e., “Sports destroy society”….. uhm, ok Boss, that’s what’s destroying society). But of course a lecture from Boss meant a movie after. “I’m going to show you a very spiritual movie.” Cue sighs and dread of more of the Mahabharata. But lo! We start in on Wanted, a Bollywood gangster action film. Like the other Bollywood films, it was hilariously cheesy and awesome.

Bedtime? 3 AM (Ok, he let us out at 2:15 when it ended, but I stayed and we ended up watching two more dance sequences from another film).

Class this morning was with Emmy. I love how sleep deprivation actually makes class easier–whatever part of my brain over-thinks things has shut off. It’s lovely to be able to autopilot! Emmy classes are…. interesting. Her classes are frustrating because she often doesn’t give cues about when to enter and exit the postures. In an environment where we’re often yelled at for not being in sync and/or not listening to the teacher, we understandably experience a little psychological whiplash. Still, she’s an absolute legend, and full of wisdom. The title quote is from class this morning, the moral of which is that what happens depends entirely on how you experience it. My favorite though, was this:

“Your nervous system can’t tell whether it’s a Bengal tiger or Bikram yelling at you.” -Emmy Cleaves

It’s funny, you see, because it’s true. All the more true after yesterday’s 2 hour afternoon class where Bikram had us practice entering Separate Leg Stretching set-up at least three times. And yelled at us. Frequently. The standing series lasted foooooorever. But I survived!

Next up: Afternoon lecture with the Fascia guy! Wooooo, connective tissue!


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