Week 4 Recap

Week 4 Lessons

  1. Don’t forget to sign in (or be late)! I forgot to sign in for yoga class Tuesday morning. I realized it the second we started pranayama breathing, which made for a long 90 minutes of knowing I’d just signed myself up for “Team Saturday” (if you’re late, absent, or forget to sign in for any session–yoga class, lecture, or posture clinic–you have to do a make-up yoga class on Saturday at 11 AM….. after the regular session at 8 AM). That said, Team Saturday today went fine. It’s much more chill having only 5o people in the room instead of 420+, and the room’s cooler. Still, I don’t plan on purposefully repeating the experience!
  2. “If you’re not attached to it, there’s no reason to react.” -Lisa, during our “The Eightfold Path” lecture [Almost] everyone’s getting tired, injured, stressed out, and/or breaking down. They turned up the heat considerably in the room (we estimate 115 degrees based on a class that was 110 feeling cool by comparison). When you turn up the heat, you turn up the pressure! I’m in pretty good shape, relative to many of my peers (though many are stronger still). But I definitely had my difficult moments this week–tingling in my hands either from nerves or dehydration, a few classes where I clung to my mat with all my determination, one class where I surprised myself by crying when a friend tried to jokingly tickle my armpit during Full Locust pose, etc. I’m doing my best to not get attached to the crazy ways my mind & body are reacting–just observe and release it all. But my best coping mechanism has been to reach out and help other people. I’ll share my music, give neighbors foot massages and high fives in final savasana, and just generally do my best to support anyone who looks like they’re having a rough time.
  3. Breathe. About three times so far, my “homework” for posture clinic has been to remember to breathe more. The adrenaline rush of going from sitting to presenting really circumvents me though. I’m trying to hard to not forget any dialogue and get everyone in and out of the posture and move my hands and have a solid stance and vary the tone and ignore my shaking adrenaline-filled muscles and racing heart and and and…. you get the idea. Breathing gets lost along the way. But I’m trying, and it’s definitely getting better!

Week 4 Highlights

A bunch of us with Dr. Preddy (in the middle in the black t-shirt) during his final lecture

  1. Andi came to visit: I love my teacher Andi. She is a beautiful ray of sunshine. It is impossible to be unhappy or stressed when she’s around. I was lucky enough to present my Standing Bow posture with her in the room, and it was a great reminder to enjoy it.
  2. Saturday 8 AM Class: This morning’s class had all the right ingredients to give me a well-needed weekend boost: slightly cooler temperatures, a funny Australian teacher who reminded us to smile and enjoy the yoga, being surrounded by my friends (we’re allowed to pick our mat placements on Saturdays) who would smile at me or do mini-dance moves during the class. And yeah, ok, that last bit’s not very yoga-kosher, but it helped a whole hell of a lot!
  3. Dr. Preddy’s Anatomy lectures: We’re all finished now, he’s gone, and I’m sad that we don’t get to listen to him anymore. Plus, now we have our anatomy exam on Monday. Boooooo.

6 responses to “Week 4 Recap

  1. Patricia Bellardo

    We know you can do it. I’ve always done my best when I’ve studied hard. You will prosper – I’m certain. Love ya.

  2. Sooo much respect for you – it’s a distant dream of mine to become a teacher but don’t think I have the grit to cope with it… Keep on and keep posting please

    • Thanks! As BC always says, “You always underestimate yourself. Biggest problem in the world, lack of self-realization.” You can do TT. Don’t give up on a dream because you don’t think your strong enough–be stronger!

  3. Katie

    Oh no, that feeling of knowing you forgot to sign in, ugh. Then one morning I slept through my alarm–that was also bad. I did one make-up before the normal morning class, so it must have been 6 or 6:30 am. Then I think one make-up was on Sunday, that one wasn’t so bad. Sounds like you’re having fun and not getting dragged down by the inevitable low points, which is great. I like reading all your updates! Hope you’re enjoying Sunday.

  4. Jean

    i stumbled across your blog today and find it incredibly inspirational! I’ve only recently started my bikram practice and am completely hooked and obsessed! I love all your reading about your journey so far and i’ve got my arms, legs, fingers and toes (almost eagle pose) crossed for you! Keep it up! xx

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