anatomy & love

Dear Dr. Jim Preddy,

I love you. Don’t worry–not in that kind of way (we’re on a “No kissy kissy, no sucky sucky, no f*cky f*cky” rule anyway). But I love you because you make our lives so much more interesting and awesome. Let me count the ways!

  1. You wear the coolest t-shirts. Skeletons. “No.” “Not that kind of doctor.” “I don’t work here.” Every day your wardrobe is a new fun surprise.
  2. You value our sleep as much as we do. You give us breaks mid-lecture AND you let us out by midnight! For that alone, you have won us all over.
  3. You tell awesome stories. How to not make the room spin when drunk. That X-ray of the grandmother who had a Miller lite bottle stuck inside her.  The guy who got hit by lightning and was found unconscious & naked on his front lawn. Why C-Sections are physically brutal and mostly unnecessary and why breastfeeding is so good.
  4. Your hands are magic. You volunteer to do adjustments after class, when we are sweaty and gross. You don’t care, and you do it for hours on end. For free. You cracked my neck and my shoulders, and it felt amazing.
  5. You make expectations abundantly clear. Whenever something will be on the test, you repeat it several times, slowly, in a very low voice you have designated solely to this purpose. When you’re just giving background information and the more zealous note-takers start writing (**cough cough**), you threaten to come down and hit us.
  6. You get the yoga. Especially after our vocal cord/speech therapy lecturer today who clearly had never been to a yoga class in her life (Telltale signs: warning us about too much salt, not being able to pronounce the word “savasana” much less know what it is), I appreciate your understanding. You know which muscles hurt–“When I poke here, you all go OH MY GOD IT HURTS SO MUCH DO IT AGAIN! Here’s how you can stretch this yourself….” You can tell us why, scientifically but in layman’s terms, the yoga postures and yoga environment works. We can ask you yoga questions and you put up with us and even usually know the answers. Even more, you practice with us–today we all clapped wildly for you because for the first time you did the whole class without drinking water AND you managed to interlock your fingers around your foot in final stretching!
  7. You’ve had an insanely interesting life. You were a male cheerleader on scholarship. You work in the ER in Las Vegas, of all crazy-ass places. You decided to go to med school after you saw a drunk driver almost kill the guy in the car in front of you who had just cut you off, and you saved his life (and are still friends with him)…. the more I hear, the more I want to know.
  8. You don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ve made your small shoulders and large behind fun character traits. You’re convinced you’re an idiot and yet you know a ton–“I’m an idiot. The one thing I’m really good at–keeping you from not being dead.”

Thank you. Please keep being amazing. We’re one week down, one week to go in anatomy and I already know I’ll miss you incredibly when you’re gone!



4 responses to “anatomy & love

  1. Omg! You found pics of the shirts! I, too, noticed his shirts. He is so fricking fabulous. I love this post. And, yes, it makes a HUGE difference when the person who is lecturing us has done the yoga! 😉

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing! He sounds so awesome, even I will miss him I think 😀 He sounds like down-to-earth, super-knowledgeable, funny guy!

  3. he sounds amazing!!!

  4. Miranda Kent

    Jessica, I’d seen some of Jim Preddy’s clips on Youtube and wanted to know a bit more about him and found your blog. I’m at physiotherapy student at Bournemouth University in the UK and lots of people in my class love him too. So jealous that you’ve been able to be taught by him!

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