Week Three Recap

Week 3 Lessons


If flowers can grow in the gutter, I can conquer the dialogue.

  • How you teach reflects your personality, and you will end up teaching the kind of class you like to take: I have learned so much about teaching in posture clinics, not only from presenting postures myself but from watching my fellow teachers-in-training.
  • “This is not a place to be alone.”
    This message has been repeated many times over the past week in many different versions, especially in relation to studying the dialogue. Almost every students who has really been having a hard time learning the dialogue has been studying on their own. That has to stop, because it doesn’t work. We have to succeed together or fail together. We are not and should not be alone. PS people need to lay off flipping out about people touching their mats, waters, towel, etc. during class. Personal space does not exist. Deal with it.
  • Pain is Good, pain is important: Emmy Cleaves, Bikram’s right hand women, is 80+ years old and in the most amazing shape. She still leads (i.e. teaches while taking) the Advanced series. She talked to us about pain–how pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, how pain is all how you experience it (and store it in your body), how to deal with your pain or pain your students may encounter.
  • “You have to suck before you get good.” -Kat (Staff)
    Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a perfectionist. Before I came here, I didn’t want to practice my dialogue with any teachers before I could say the pose perfectly. That’s not an option here, and I wish it was something I could have gotten over sooner. The first hundred times you say the dialogue, you are going to make mistakes. You will forget lines, you’ll switch lines, you’ll completely blank and panic. The point is to just keep going. This is a particularly relevant note for me to remember because I am very, very hard on myself about memorizing the dialogue 100% verbatim. To me, anything less than perfection is a failure (another thing I don’t deal well with). But perfection is not the point. It’s a work in progress.
  • A Sign of Things to Come: I felt great after class Friday afternoon. It should’ve been a warning sign–BC’s told us time and time again that he’s always most afraid when good things happen because he knows the bad is coming (thankfully the opposite is true as well–be glad when you suffer because the good is coming). Saturday morning class was brutal. For the first time since Week 1, I sat out parts of the practice. I probably sat for a good 25 minutes out of the 90. Every time I got my head above my heart, I would almost pass out. People all around me were dropping like flies, I could see constant traffic heading out the door, and one yogi two rows behind me had two staff members at her side cooling her down for ten minutes before assisting her out of the room. No bueno! It was so much hotter and more humid than it’s been to date. And I can sense this is what they’re planning to make it like from here on out, so it’s time to really buckle up for the ride.

Week 3 Highlights


A new pose–partnered Garurasana/Eagle pose!

  • Anatomy Series: So far, we have learned about the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems of the body. I miss school and learning things, so I have greatly enjoyed these lectures–particularly since our lecturer is both engaging and knowledgeable. I have picked up all sorts of cool facts.
  • Eagle pose: Although my presentation of Back-Bending/Pada-Hastasana and Awkward Pose did not go as well as I would have wished, I totally incorporated the feedback I’d gotten (remember to breathe and vary speed/tone more) into Eagle AND nailed the dialogue. It felt great to end the posture clinics for the week knowing I’d made progress.
  • Surviving Class #32: See above. Saturday morning was hard. It sucked. BUT I stayed in the room (100x more challenging to resist that screaming urge when you’re still in savasana and not doing the postures), did at least one set of every posture, and stayed in final savasana for over the 2 required minutes.
  • Weekend Food: Fish tacos! Caramel crepes! Nutella milkshakes! Smoothies! Delicious paninis! Funnel cakes! So much deliciousness, it’s hard to handle.
  • My fellow yogis and friends: I LOVE the people I have met here! We have a few rotten apples, as is bound to happen in a 400+ group, but for the most part everyone is really friendly. I love getting to hear everyone’s story, and most people have the best hearts. Yogis frickin’ kick ass!

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  1. Exciting post! Keep ’em coming.

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