on longevity and learning

The longer it takes the luckier you are because then it lasts forever. -Jim Kallett

The things that we struggle with, the harder it is for us, the more we will learn and the longer the adventure lasts. For instance, this is true both in my practice (5 years) and the time it’s taken to get me to teacher training since I made up my mind to go (1.5 years). That’s not as long as for some, but it’s definitely a longer curve than for many. But I’ve benefited from it–I know more about what to expect from teaching, I have a better foundation, I’ve learned more about the postures and myself.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear Jim speak before when he did a clinic at my studio last spring (thanks Darla and Abhi!), and it was both inspiring and informative then. Today’s afternoon lecture was no different! Filled to the brim with quotes, insights, advice, philosophy, history of yoga, ALL of it! I’m so happy this time around, I took notes (8 pages). So looking forward to putting it all into practice….. right now, to be exact.


3 responses to “on longevity and learning

  1. Jess, I’m reading with baited breath and an angst-filled heart. I’m wondering if it’s too soon for me even to be considering teacher training, and yet filled with a thought of …. I think this is where I need to be next. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this blog. I’m curious about your feelings of being prepared for the training, and of some of the others doing the training… Have you found your tribe of the 400+? How are the practical things? And GU? Really? That chit is nasty. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Stephanie!
      I was actually thinking about you during lecture last week, and getting SO EXCITED about you coming to TT. You will LOVE it! I’ve felt really well prepared for the training–yes, it’s still hard, but I knew what to expect, studied (thanks a lot to Abhi), and came with the right attitude.

      I have found my tribe, but it’s a different crowd than I run with at home and I love that! You will find your peeps here–400+ is too big a group to not find people you get along with, and if nothing else going through this all together will create those bonds.

      I love Gu! Especially the vanilla and the strawberry banana. Tastes like liquid candy. πŸ˜€

  2. Ahhh, wonderful quote. I am constantly practicing to embrace that concept. Thank you for sharing!

    I’m happy to read you are enjoying you time at TT. Have a great weekend! It’s almost here πŸ™‚

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