“accept your fate”

Spans 16 DVDs, and we've only watched 3 hours so far!

BC (as I’ve affectionately taken to referring him) kept us up watching a portion of Mahabharat after spending two hours first telling us the stories. I have to admit to a small nap–I believe I missed a conversation of Wife the Second, and the Son insisting (again) that he will nobly renounce the throne. At the end I took a trip to the bathroom and then hung in the back. Poor trainees were huddled on the floor with hoodies over their heads, passed out. Others were lurking by the door. I’m amused by how angry they were–insisting they would sit out class the next day because they wouldn’t have enough energy from being kept awake, how it is so pointless, why is the staff guarding the door from those trying to sneak away, etc.

I am sure I’ll have my angry moments as some point, but this one’s not it. Yes, it sucks we will be tired all day tomorrow. Yes, he said it would “only be two hours.” Yes, it may not make sense right now. But you know what? We were trapped, with no way to leave and nothing we could do about it. We are not the first to go through this, nor is this the last time this will happen over the remaining 8 weeks. So I’m just going to take the advice of the emo characters and “accept my fate because there’s nothing they [I or we] could do about it.”*

When everyone says “trust the process,” I’m pretty sure they were talking about times likes these, not those simple moments when you know what’s going on and why it’s happening.

That said, BEDTIME ahoy!

*Paraphrased based on my sleep-deprived, slightly addled brain.


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