Week One Recap

Week one is over and week two is about to begin. I’m going to try to do my best to post more often–daily, if possible–for my own selfish reasons. As much as I enjoy sharing this with all of you, I want to make sure I remember it.

“The answer to everything [Bikram says] is Bikram Choudhury.” – Nzinza

Week 1 Lessons

  •  Food: I’ve felt nauseous and unhungry, so getting myself to eat has required determination. This is especially true for the mornings, for which I think Gu is going to be my answer. A nice shot of non-solid carbs and caffeine to power me through the AM class. I’m also learning that I need to just fork over money for whatever my body tells me it will eat, because nutrition is key to surviving.
  • Don’t get attached, no judgement. Classes that were rough for me were easy for others. The opposite has also been true. In doing 98 classes, there will be lots of good classes and lots of bad classes, so there’s no point getting attached to either one. On a similar vein, I’ve been feeling tingling (or as I like to call it, “thrumming”) in my hands and occasionally my feet–kinda scary, kinda nifty! I checked in with the nurse just to be safe, but as Jim [Kallett] pointed out, it’s probably just my body rearranging and opening itself up. It will pass.
  • Preparation is key: Abhi has prepared me so well for teacher training, and I bless my stars he’s been on my side!

Week 1 Highlights

  • The whole room saw Bikram’s ass. Literally. He showed it to us, in great detail, and there was flexing involved.
  • Bollywood introduction! The first of many films.
  • Abhi’s visit & class
  • Posture insights, e.g. how one of my new friends  finally taught me how to grip my hands together correctly. Really looking forward to putting this into practice tomorrow!
  • My roommate is awesome. She’s from Mexico City, and the best part is she fairly well-prepared in dialogue  (less far posture-wise but knows the ones she’d done more thoroughly than I do)and driven to study. So far, the luck of the draw is treating me pretty well!
  • Getting to know everyone–so many backgrounds! Such cool locations! Amazing stories! Crazy [former] jobs!

So much has happened in only eight days. Funfunfunfun. And crazy. And insane. Now it’s off to bed for me, to cuddle up with some dialogue and then call it a night. Adios.


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