relax, they say

Orientation is complete. Day 1 is complete. Class 1 (of 98) complete.

We got to meet Bikram today, first for a welcoming speech this morning and then again to take class from him this afternoon. It’s hard to see him without preconceptions, given the (ahem) “interesting” stories I’ve heard. But I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed him this morning. Only time will tell if I continue to feel this way, but I feel like underneath all the bravado and sexist comments and ego-stroking he’s actually really kind and also genuinely excited to meet us! He is definitely an engaging, motivating speaker.

So far we’ve been told to take it easy and relax. Apart from a greater-than-normal amount of feeling like death during/after class this afternoon, that’s what I’ve been doing. Several runs to store(s) for items that were thought to be unneeded but are clearly necessary (#1 on the list: Brita filter! Hurray for drinkable water!). Checked out the pool, too. I’m enjoying being in an environment where I can study dialogue–a task that for me involves flipping through handmade notecards and mumbling to myself–without feeling like a crazy person. Everyone else is doing it, too! And even practicing on each other! We’re ALL crazy, and woe betide the unknowing hotel guest who stumbles upon us!

Now, if only the impending cloud of internal panic about reciting Half Moon to Bikram’s face weren’t lurking over my head…. I know it! I know I know it! But that doesn’t make the terror of having it all fall out of your brain in the crux moment–a very possibly real fear, I might add–go away.

In any case, holy smokes the first day’s gone!


One response to “relax, they say

  1. Jessica! How are you?! Are you still alive there!?

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