in which I chop of all my hair

My hair, it is all gone.

A collection of thoughts:

  • This will be so, so easy to take care of at teacher training!
  • My hair’s so freaking short!
  • I look like a different person, in a kinda nifty but also scary way.

Although totally out of character for me–the creature of habit–I am incredibly ready for change. Bring it on!


5 responses to “in which I chop of all my hair

  1. Woah! I like it! Very different, but somehow, very you.

  2. Aw, Jess I *told* you! I knew you could rock a sassy short ‘do and you’re definitely making me pine for the one I used to have… What I loved most about my hair being short was that it takes confidence to shine. There’s nothing to hide yourself behind — and I think that alone makes this perfect for you.

    Here’s to this next new amazing chapter of you!

  3. Brian

    Now you really like like me. Wifey says so cute

  4. Ahhhhhhhh so cute! YOU ARE ADORABLE!

    PS, check your snail mail every day this week! You have love coming your way!

  5. Patty b

    You are looking amazing!!! Hugs girl.

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